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A cute ball-molded device, Samsung's Ballie is a strikingly great turn of events. It is a contraption that, when advancement is finished, will fill in as a robot partner and a productive keen home gadget. Ballie is fueled with sensors and cameras that permit it to follow your strides. It will offer a wide scope of keen home capacities and even send you refreshes from home while you're voyaging.


Samsung means Ballie to be in excess of a self-moving shrewd colleague, it needs it to feel like a partner. A great deal of accentuations has been placed into making an item that individuals need to cooperate with. Samsung painstakingly chose the external material to be strong, yet speaking to natural eyes. Samsung additionally put a great deal of consideration on how it sounds. At E3 it could be heard making exceptionally charming clamors that individuals will cherish. We can hardly wait for this to be buyer prepared!


Ballie took the number 1 spot on our rundown because of inventive plan and buyer advantage (when it's delivered).


Macbook Pro 16 inch


  1. 16 Inch Apple MacBook Pro


The 16 inch Apple MacBook Pro is hands down truly outstanding. This very good quality delivery accompanies a costly sticker price, however it merits each and every penny. Controlled with the Intel i9 setup, a staggeringly vivid presentation and dynamic plan, it is a noteworthy gadget. The Apple MacBook Pro is fantastically dependable and can be utilized for high-stake exercises like forex exchanging. On the off chance that you're to a greater degree an innovative kind, at that point the presentation and show are all the more entirely intended for practically any computerized imaginative work.


Regardless of the unfathomable specs and highlights, it stays a smooth, lightweight and an extraordinary versatile gadget. You know precisely what you're getting with Apple items and the 16 inch Apple MacBook Pro hits the imprint once more. The additional screen size and improved execution settle on it the number 2 decision on our rundown.


Ordinance EOS-1DX-Mark-III


  1. Ordinance EOS-1D X Mark III


Ordinance's costly new delivery is apparently the best DSLR to ever be delivered. The Canon EOS-1D X arrangement is known for unbelievable execution with each new deliveries and powerful improvements. Be that as it may, the Mark III takes the roll and pushes itself to the head of the DSLR heap.


The camera is controlled with a dynamic Digic X processor, which permits the picture taker to blast take shots at 16 edges for every second. It additionally flaunts an upgraded PC vision tech, which takes into consideration unrivaled face and head-following. The gadget is likewise arranged to shoot 4K recordings at 60 edges for every seconds and 5.5K RAW recordings. It is a definitive shooter, and therefore, takes the third spot!


Samsung S10


  1. Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus


You can't assemble a rundown of the Tech Guy Gadgets 

 best tech contraptions without posting the best cell phone in 2020. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are tested distinctly by the iPhone X for the best cell phone to get in 2020. Delivered in March 2019, the fashioner and innovative headways have surely eclipsed Samsung's past deliveries, even into 2020.


Controlled with Android 9, and a dynamic AMOLED show, this strikingly beguiling gadget offers a convincing bundle. The back camera offers three goals, including 12 and 16 MP, with numerous shooting modes. The battery life and size has been expanded, and the fresh structure is an a la mode move up to the past delivery. The front camera is substantially more unique and permits different shooting modes, making it the best pick for insta-commendable selfies.

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